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Why Volunteers Are So Important

Water Walkers would not exist without volunteers. Over the years we have seen how each volunteer makes a lasting impression. Connecting with the kids and boosting their progress brings joy… to you and them! Choosing to serve as a volunteer can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

In fact, we value volunteers so much that we offer something special to express our appreciation. Once you complete 15 hours of service with Water Walkers per semester, you become eligible for a membership with Water Walkers’ Outdoor Prolink account–which gives you up to 40% off Outdoor Prolink items! Ask our Program Coordinator for details.



Do you want to help kids raise their levels in reading and math?

Considering that nearly all the kids enter our program two or more grade levels behind in reading and math, the tutoring program provides much needed guidance to help them advance educationally. And volunteers are key to the success of the tutoring program!

Interestingly, you don’t have to have previous experience to be an effective tutor. As long as you have a heart for kids and a desire to help them succeed, you will do well.

The students use an award-winning educational software that monitors their progress. You are providing guidance and encouragement as you help them understand the material. Some students may need help completing their homework.

Be ready for a heart-warming experience and for some very sweet kids to love you!

Typical schedule Monday-Friday (except holidays):
3:00-4:30pm – Play/free time
4:30-5:30pm – Tutoring
5:30-6:00pm – Dinner


Do you love playing outdoors and want to help kids build confidence and overcome fears?

Water Walkers began with water sports at its core and has added more outdoor adventures like zip lining, ropes courses, kayaking, waterfall hikes, and more.

During the summer, we focus on boating, tubing, and swimming on Percy Priest Lake. We always need help staffing the boats and working with the kids in the water. The kids learn valuable lessons about dealing with fears as they learn new skills on/in the water.

During the school year, we take the kids twice a month (typically for 3-4 hours on a Saturday) to enjoy various outdoor activities. As a volunteer, you interact with the kids and make sure they have a fun, safe experience.

Mentor an
older teen

Would you be willing to share your experiences and example to inspire a high school student?

Our Youth Leadership Development Program typically meets for an hour at 2:35pm Monday-Friday. Mentors are welcome to attend to interact with their mentees. Mentors also present information to the participants, covering a range of topics, including but not limited to, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Career Readiness, and Life After High School.

We need individuals who have shown levels of success both professionally and personally who can inspire our youth to achieve their goals.


Would you like to share your understanding of financial literacy to educate our youth?

On Monday-Thursday afternoons, we use Junior Achievement’s financial literacy curriculum and need volunteers to implement it. You can choose which day works best for you.

Our teens in the Youth Leadership Development Program could use more in-depth sessions on financial literacy. Let us know if you would be interested in teaching these classes.

Basic Needs

Do you want to help families by addressing their need for basic necessities?

Accompanied by staff, volunteers prepare and deliver groceries and hygiene products every Wednesday to families in the neighborhood we serve.

All volunteers must pass a background check.

You don’t even have to dive in head first as a volunteer; you can test the waters first if you prefer.
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