Measurements & Outcomes

Summary of Educational Outcomes

Results are captured from assessments taken throughout the year.


Results for new students

(over their first 16-week period)

Math: avg. improvement of 1.01 grade level

Reading: avg. improvement of 0.93 grade level

Overall: avg. improvement of 0.97 grade level

Results for returning students

Math: avg. improvement of 1.68 grade levels

Reading: avg. improvement of 1.58 grade levels

Overall: avg. improvement of 1.63 grade levels

All students completed Junior Achievement financial literacy courses, including More than Money, Economics for Success, and Career Success.

Summary of Outdoor Adventure Program


Outdoor Adventures!
Lake days

Other Outdoor Adventures

Rock Climbing

Aquatic Ecology

Nature Hikes

Swimming Lessons

Zip Lines

Waterfall Adventures

Fishing Trips

Ice Skating

Summary of Basic Needs Program


We increased the number of families served from 25 to 35. We are thankful for partnerships with Watson Grove Baptist Church, Strong Tower Bible Church, and United Talent Agency to help these families.


Deliveries made by staff and volunteers every week


For all of our youth and their families!

Food Portions

A week’s worth of food/groceries for an entire family!

Hygiene Products

To all students and families in need

Hot Meals

Served 5 days a week to youth in education program

Healthy Snacks

Provided every day during programming

Summary of key Wellness outcomes


    • In early group sessions students learned how to define stressors and triggers, how to identify symptoms of stress, and learned various breathing exercises to practice during and after the group.
    • Through group exercises students developed rapport with the counselor and each other leading to open discussion on stressors they experience at school, at home, and in their private lives. Topics included bullying, active shooters, and challenges with teachers.
    • Students shared ways they cope within each area and openly sought direction from the counselor on how they can support each other. Students received practical information on ways to reframe and challenge their thoughts to manage their reactions.

Summary of Leadership Development

Nine teens are participating in this program in 2024.

Teen employment training

Preparing a resume

Interviewing skills
(mock interviews)

“Dress for Success” styling sessions

Career exploration

Job search and application training

Learning life skills and soft skills to enhance employability

Hours served: 1000+

Mentorship sessions (professional guest)


Job-skills training centered on lake activities (boating safety; how to give swim lessons; how to tie knots; boat maintenance)

Helped administer literacy lessons for younger participants