Who We Are

About us

We believe in the transformative power of watersports, outdoor adventure, and education to inspire and empower at-risk youth in Nashville to walk on the rough waters of life. Founded in 2016, our mission is to provide access and opportunities for underserved young people in urban areas to experience these activities, build confidence, and develop as leaders. Read more below about our history, mission, and values.


We believe in a world where there are no barriers between under-resourced urban communities and the transformative power of outdoor adventure.


We provide access and opportunities for youth in urban areas to experience watersports, outdoor adventure, and educational resources, resulting in confident and empowered leaders who are ready to walk on the rough waters of life.


We want to help kids have new experiences, face and conquer fears, and grow in confidence, none of which happen inside a person’s comfort zone. That’s why we promote a culture of actively seeking adventure, being courageous, and taking risks.

We want to have humble, teachable spirits that are always listening and always learning. We are committed to continually adapting and growing to better serve our team, our kids, and our community.
We are committed to showing respect for ourselves, others, and outdoor spaces. This means giving other people the same kindness, compassion, and grace that we want to be given and preserving the outdoor spaces that we love for future generations.
We practice what we preach. We also value relationships, care about long-term goals, and aim to be a regular and reliable presence in the community we serve.
Growth requires a lot of individual grit and resilience, but also a good support system. We believe in facing challenges together, supporting each other, and putting in the hard work required to see results.
Our name is a reference to not only our love of watersports but to the notion that anything is possible. We set our goals and standards high, and we want to inspire ourselves and others to dream big, believe in possibility, and accomplish incredible things.
Stoke is all about a contagious level of excitement, being positive, and having fun. And stoke is much better when shared. We invite others to join us in doing what we love, celebrate their accomplishments, and have a blast while doing it!


I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere Texas, spending almost all of my time as a child playing outside. My favorite adventure was boating with friends on the lake. I remember being on the open water and feeling like it was an ocean of endless waves. I felt a sense of freedom every time we set sail, where my imagination could run wild with all of the possibilities in such a big world… I canʼt imagine the trajectory of my life without those experiences, and I wouldnʼt trade them for anything.
In fact, those experiences saved my life…